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Reply to: Nutrient scarcity cannot cause mast seeding

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The PROFOUND database for evaluating vegetation models and simulating climate impacts on European forests

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“Models of tree and stand dynamics”: a differential journey through forest modelling

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Small-Scale Forest Structure Influences Spatial Variability of Belowground Carbon Fluxes in a Mature Mediterranean Beech Forest

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Preface: Climate Change Impact on Plant Ecology

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Plant respiration: Controlled by photosynthesis or biomass?

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A Geospatial Decision Support System Tool for Supporting Integrated Forest Knowledge at the Landscape Scale

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Winter's bite: beech trees survive complete defoliation due to spring-late damage by mobilizing old C reserves

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Top downloaded paper


Is NPP proportional to GPP? Waring's hypothesis twenty years on

Collalti A. and Prentice I.C.


Web of Science

Highly cited paper

Nutrient scarcity as a selective pressure for mast seeding

Fernández-Martínez M., Pearse I., Sardans J., Sayol F., Keonig W.D., LaMontagne J.M., Bogdziewicz M., Collalti A., Hacket-Pain A., Vacchiano G., Espelta J.M., Peñuelas J., Janssens I.A.

The sensitivity of the forest carbon budget shifts across processes along with stand development and climate change

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Ecological Applications;


Thinning can reduce losses in carbon use efficiency and carbon stocks in managed forests under warmer climate

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Journal of Advances in Modelling Earth System;


Top downloaded paper


Reproducing reproduction: how to simulate mast seeding in Forest models

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Do atmospheric CO2 concentration increase, climate and forest management affect iWUE of common beech? Evidences from carbon isotope analyses in tree rings

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The Role of Respiration in Estimation of Net Carbon Cycle: Coupling Soil Carbon Dynamics and Canopy Turnover in a Novel Version of 3D-CMCC Forest Ecosystem Model

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Simulation, calibration and validation protocols for the model 3D-CMCC-CNR-FEM: a case study in the Bonis’ watershed (Calabria, Italy)

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Likelihood of changes in forest species suitability, distribution, and diversity under future climate: The case of Southern Europe

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Ecology and Evolution;


Validation of 3D-CMCC Forest Ecosystem Model (v.5.1) against eddy covariance data for 10 European forest sites

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Geoscientific Model Development;

Hot Spot maps of forest presence in the Mediterranean Basin

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A process-based model to simulate growth in forests with complex structure: evaluation and use of 3D-CMCC Forest Ecosystem Model in a deciduous forest in Central Italy

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Assessing temporal variation of primary and ecosystem production in two Mediterranean forests using a modified 3-PG model

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Master thesis and PhD thesis

Modelling the effects of climate change on soil heterotrophic respiration in forest ecosystems. Empirical versus Mechanistic approach.

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University of Tuscia Ph.D. Thesis; 2020

Climate change mitigation by forests: a case study on the role of management on carbon dynamics of a pine forest in South Italy

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Assessing NEE and Carbon Dynamics among 5 European Forest types: Development and Validation of a new Phenology and Soil Carbon routines within the process oriented 3D-CMCC-Forest-Ecosystem Model

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University of Tuscia Master Thesis, 2014

Sviluppo di un modello dinamico ecologico-forestale per foreste a struttura complessa

Collalti A., Valentini R.


University of Tuscia PhD Thesis, 2011

Book chapters

The Role of Managed Forest Ecosystems: A Modeling Based Approach

in: The Greenhouse Gas Balance of Italy, An Insight on Managed and Natural Terrestrial Ecosystem

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The Role of Respiration in Estimation of Net Carbon Cycle: Coupling Soil Carbon Dynamics and Canopy Turnover in a Novel Version of 3D-CMCC Forest Ecosystem Model

in: Forest Soil Respiration under Climate Change

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Adaptation and Mitigation

in: FAO and PlanBlue "State of Mediterranean Forests 2018"

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Forest production efficiency increases with growth temperature

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The PROFOUND database for evaluating vegetation models and simulating climate impacts on forests

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