Autotrophic respiration

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The model computes the Autotrophic Respiration (AR) of all living tissues on daily time step. The Maintenance Respiration (MR) is calculated by a modified Van’t Hoff function:

MR is linearly correlated with the nitrogen content (Ncontent = 0.218 KgC KgN-1 day-1) in the living compartments. Q10 is an exponential function for which a 10°C increase in temperature relates to a Q10 factor change in the rate of respiration. The term “temp” is substituted by tday and tnight for leaf, tsoil for the root and tavg for stem and branch.
The Growth Respiration (GR) is calculated in relation to the carbon allocated to the plant compartments. It’s considered as a fixed ratio (30%) of the newly grown tissues (Larcher, 2003).

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