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Foresta dall'alto

Andreas Ibrom


-       Long-term micrometeorology at 5 intensive meteorological tower sites – high quality, continuous atmospheric

        measurements of motion, energy content and radiation

-       Development of the eddy covariance technique and turbulence data post processing (data quality control, correction

        for low-pass filtering effects in tubes, development of commercial sensor designs and software.

-       3D biophysical modeling of radiative transfer and canopy photosynthesis in forests and agroforestry systems.

-       Deposition of atmospheric trace substances to terrestrial ecosystems

        Ecosystems research:

-       CO2 and H2O gas exchange with the atmosphere (leaves, soil, ecosystem)

-       Ecosystem Carbon budgets and their components

-       Nitrogen deposition and cycling in forests.

-       Dynamic ecosystem modeling (MixForSvat, COUP, Biome-BGC) and model intercomparisons (a number of models

        from European modeling groups)

-       Regional greenhouse gas balances Industrial Ecology (teaching at DTU)

-       Environmental sustainability concepts for industrial systems from local to global scales

-       Material and energy flows in industrial and natural ecosystems

-       Life cycle assessment

-       Ecological network analysis for eco industrial parks

        Interdisciplinary, cross cultural research

-       Effects of land-use and land-use change in tropical rain forest margins in Indonesia

-       Prediction of climate change impacts on natural resources at local scales

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