Strada della ghiaia nella foresta

Events (some)

"I modelli come strumento di previsione per gli impatti da cambiamento climatico e gestione forestale" Seminar (Italian Language)

University of Basilicata (Italy), 18 January 2022

Alessio Collalti


Managing forests in the 21st Century EFI-FORMASAM meeting

Potsdam (Germany) 03-05 March 2020

Gina Marano, Daniela Dalmonech, Carlo Trotta, Alessio Collalti


4th Expert Round Table "Perspectives of forest modeling"

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ (Leipzig, Germany)

12th – 14th February 2020

Gina Marano, Alessio Collalti


Life Olive4climate Final meeting

Perugia (Italy), 3 December 2019

Carlo Trotta


XII National Congress SISEF

Palermo (Italy), November 12-15, 2019

Development, implications and application for Sustainable Forest Management and best forest practices of the LANDSUPPORT forestry tool (Winner of the “Umberto Bagnaresi” prize)


Marano G., Matteucci G., Collalti A., Ferlan M., Kozamernik E., Noumonvi K., Vuolo F., Vitullo M., Terribile F..


Wageningen Soil Conference 2019

Wageningen (The Netherlands) 27-30 August 2019

The operational implementation of soil functions and sustainable forest management through LANDSUPPORT Web-Based Land Decision Support System

Gina Marano, Fabio Terribile, Giuliano Langella, Giorgio Matteucci, Alessio Collalti and Fabio Vuolo

EGU General Assembly 2019

Vienna (Austria), 7-12 April 2019


Soil biogeochemical cycles under climate change: a new model implementation

Corrado Biondo, Alessio Collalti, Dario Papale

Estimation the olive trees traits combining Bayesian calibration, model and climatic drivers

Carlo Trotta, Alessio Collalti, Corrado Biondo


Cambiamento climatico: ultima frontiera.

Dalla mitigazione all'adattamento del territorio.

Cosenza (Italy), 22 March 2019


Climate change, adaptation and mitigation of forests

Alessio Collalti

4th Italian National Congress of Silviculture

Turin (Italy), 5-9 November 2018

Corrado Biondo

Giorgio Matteucci

EGU General Assembly 2018

Vienna (Austria), 8-13 April 2018


Soil biogeochemical cycles under climate change: a model scheme implementation

Corrado Biondo, Alessio Collalti, Carlo Trotta, Dario Papale

EFI-FORMASAM project Kick-off meeting

Wageningen (The Netherlands), November 2018

Alessio Collalti

Cost Action Profound Final Meeting

Potsdam (Germany), 9-10 November 2017

Alessio Collalti, Fabio Berzaghi

CRESCENDO H2020 General Assembly

Paris (France), 26-28 September 2017

Alessio Collalti

Life Olive4Climate

Perugia (Italy), 20 September 2017

Carlo Trotta

Second forest modelling round table

Leipzig (Germany), March 2018

Alessio Collalti, Sante Sabaté

First forest modelling round table

Leipzig (Germany), May 2017

Alessio Collalti

Cost Action PROFOUND Annual meeting

Krakow (Poland), Sept 2016

Alessio Collalti (and a lot of other people)


Cost Action PROFOUND TG18 Meeting

Dragør (Denmark), March 2016

Alessio Collalti, Andreas Ibrom

Cost Action PROFOUND TG2-3 Meeting

Karlsruhe (Germany), March 2016

Alessio Collalti, Andreas Ibrom

National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

Visiting scientist

Boulder (CO, USA), 2014

Alessio Collalti

CIRCE Project

Climate change and impact research: the Mediterranean environment

Athens (Greece), 2009

Alessio Collalti, Giorgio Matteucci, Monia Santini

Where everything began....

University of Tuscia (Viterbo), PhD course 2007

Anonymous modellers' desks (but we know who they are)

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