The Forest Modelling Laboratory is a research laboratory of the Institute for Agricultural and Forestry Systems in the Mediterranean at the National Research Council of Italy (ISAFOM-CNR) that specifically:

  • studies and analyzes the quantitative and qualitative representation of the interactions underlying the productivity, resistance and resilience to perturbations of forest ecosystems and their responses to forcing ecological and climate;

  • develops, parameterises, validates and uses process simulation models, regressive models, dynamics models, both to deepen the understanding of the processes underlying the functioning of the forest ecosystems, which to evaluate their response to the climate and climate change scenarios.

  • In addition, the Forest Modelling Laboratory studies the response of forests to management through modeling approaches according to defined protocols.

  • Due to its characteristics, the Forest Modelling Laboratory is open to modeling collaborations with other Cnr Institutes, others Research bodies and Universities, both Italian and foreign.

Forest Modelling Lab.

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